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              Jiangsu Eleco Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.


                     JiangSu  Eleco  Electronics Technology  co.,ltd. is located in the charming scenery ,the shore of lake, the GuanLin town of YiXin city in JiangSu province. It is apart from nanjing lukou airport and wuxi southern JiangSu international airport about an hour's drive ,and is apart from XiYi high road along the high way15 minutes, the transportation is convenient.

                    Eleco is the subsidiary company of Long peak group. Long peak cable Co., LTD which has the Chinese famous trademark, was established in 1991,.In order to better integrated with international community, Eleco was formally established in March of 2012 . From the beginning, our company is aim at outing of extensive pattern with traditional, but with innovation, aggressive, fine production, with international market demand and create international brand .what' more, our company commitments to build first-class modern electronic science and technology enterprise.

                    The company introduces the advanced production and quality inspection equipment, with a strong technical force, independent development and production of various kinds of electronic line, electrical wiring, with locomotive, industrial control, data machine and electric tools approaches, insulation and sheath material TPU, TPE, TPEE, polyester, such as FRPE without halogen environmental protection wires and production according to the customer demand development, the products are widely used in aviation, communication, instrument and apparatus, computer, automobile, home electrical appliances industry.

                    As a famous Chinese trademark cable enterprise Long peak group's subsidiaries,innovation is Eleco's mission. At the same time, adhering to the business philosophy of the credit for more than 20 years long , with the consumer electronics products is booming , Eleco company with "the speed, quality and enterprise, innovation, sincere, team" six spirit as our principle, we warmly welcome new and old customers coming!


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